Are you feeling lost and stressed out about your money?

Don’t know where it’s going or how to even think about saving or investing for your future and retirement?

Know you want to go on that big trip, or buy that car, but don’t know if you can afford it or when you can make your dream come true?

Have debt but don’t know if or when you’ll ever be able to pay it off?

In a relationship that’s unhealthy, and you don’t know how you’ll ever be able to afford to get out?

I can help!

With your Personal Finance Checkup, we’ll review where your money is going, and make a plan.

I’ll help you figure out how to make the most important things in your life happen – whether it’s leaving a relationship, paying off debt, or saving for that dream vacation.

Plan and achieve your heart’s desires and dreams!

You’ll shift your mindset about money: it’s not something to hate or fear, it’s something to have gratitude, excitement and even love for!

Why work with me?

I’ve been there with money…

I was in an unhealthy relationship, knew I needed to leave, but felt like I couldn’t get out – due to finances, debt, and more.

I struggled with credit card debt for decades, and have been debt free for three years.

I worried if I’d ever be able to save enough for retirement and have a life I enjoy living while saving for my future. I now save more for retirement than I ever imagined, and know how much I’ll have for retirement when the time comes.

I know exactly where my money is going each month, and never have to worry about paying bills and rest easy because everything works within the system.

Most importantly:

I live a life I love – without being on an extreme frugality plan.

What changed?

Not my job!

ME and how I look at and manage my money.

And if I can do it, I know you can too.

Let me help you see what’s possible for your life and your future.


Allow for one hour for this session.

Pamela will send you the information you need to have ready to come prepared for your session. Once you’ve paid for your session, you’ll be prompted to select a time that works for you.